Grow your business by growing your relationships

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy to set out your goals, including who your ideal customers are and how you intend to reach them.

Brand Identity

To build relationships with your audience which can eventually turn them into loyal customers.

Sales Leads

I will Generate sales Lead through social media networks to grow Your Business.

My Work Process

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Market Reasearch

In this era business not easy .Today's market is for those who know what their consumers want and work to meet those needs. The only brands that survive and thrive in a competitive market are those that best manage change and evolve with evolving consumer demands. So whether your business is early stage, expanding or already established, market research is crucial to stay ahead of competitors.

Buyer Persona

Buyer personas are one of the most important parts of digital marketing. A buyer persona is a detailed description of someone who represents the target customers. These personas are fictitious but based on in-depth analysis of your desired customers.Buyer personas will help you understand your customers better. Relevant customer information will empower you to target the right people with the right message at the right time.

Develop a strategy

A marketing strategy is essential for business success. Marketing strategy to set out your goals, including who your ideal customers are and how you intend to reach them. I will make a marketing strategy for your business and implement as well.


You need to plan which marketing channels you will use, how long you will do it, and how you will do it.

Execute The Plan

As per plan i will execute all marketing methods.

Brand's I've worked with

Md Shakilur Rahman

I am a professional Digital Marketer and SEO expert.

I have 5+ years of Digital Marketing, SEO and eCommerce experience with companies like Royal Scientific Publications, Rupayan Group, Union Group, bproperties and have consistently driven double-digit sales growth for the companies and clients I have worked for.

Got a Project? Let's Talk

Who I’ve work with, the work I have done, the stratagy you need, and the question i will asnwer or just say hello !!

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